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We'll provide you with a little information, which is always useful to know before you book your holidays in Bibione. These are small conveniences that we often take for granted but which ensure you have a peaceful and relaxing holiday.
With us, parking is always free of charge.  We have two car parks, to ensure we always have enough space to park all of our guest's cars. You can move your car whenever you need it, or choose to take advantage of our bike rental service: ideal for sports and nature lovers, who like to feel the sensation of sea breezes against their skin.

Sip an aperitif whilst
comfortably seated on our veranda

For every room that's booked, the beach is included in the price: on your arrival, you'll be given an umbrella with two sunbeds. What's more Reception is always open, even at night.

That's also why women often choose our hotel when they go on holiday alone: they can feel entirely at ease here, and appreciate spending their vacation "being monitored".
Our bar is open all day: from the morning with a cafeteria service, during the hot afternoon hours to serve you a nice iced, refreshing drink in the swimming pool, and until late at night, the ideal time to relax on the comfortable sofas on the veranda and sip an aperitif or a cocktail , while chatting with the friends you've got to know on holiday.
Finally, but not to be underestimated, the 100% availability of all our staff, who we train to want to satisfy the tiniest request, and make you feel really welcomed and pampered.

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"On vacation in July: Unforgettable!"

"Package with half board to enjoy the whole day at the beach!"

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September 7=6

Valid from the 07th to the 21st


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"Прекрасный отель - по ощущениям - все четыре "

Прекрасный отель. В номере всё "на своем месте", всё прекрасно продумано и всё отлично функционирует... У нас был заказа

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